What Are Surge Protector Joules and How Many Do I Need?

Among the factors to consider when choosing a surge protector—how many outlets, the optimal cord length and options such as protection for a coaxial cable connection—perhaps the most important factor is the surge protector’s joule rating.


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Use Hospital-Grade Power Cords for Safe Connections in Healthcare Settings

Hospitals, clinics and other medical offices must adhere to safety regulations defined by the National Fire Progtection Association’s Life Safety Code to ensure safe, reliable power and help...

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Tags: Healthcare, Cables & Connectivity, Hospital-Grade Power Cables, Power Cords For Hospitals

What’s the Difference Between 24 AWG, 26 AWG and 28 AWG Network Cables?

When shopping for Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a network cables, you may notice an AWG specification printed on the cable jacket, like 24 AWG. The AWG stands for American Wire Gauge, a standardized system...

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Tags: Cables & Connectivity, Data Center, 24AWG, 26AWG, 28AWG, AWG Cables, AWG Ethernet Cables, AWG Network Cables, What Is AWG

7 Solutions for Powering, Protecting and Controlling Your Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance is big business. A March 2017 report published by MarketsandMarkets, an international market research firm that serves 1,700 Fortune organizations worldwide, values the video...

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Tags: UPS Systems, Cables & Connectivity, Server Racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), KVM Switch, KVM Switches, Video Surveillance, Security, Video Camera

E-Rate: How School Districts Can Benefit

Did you know funding opportunities are available for school districts seeking to bridge the technology gap and meet the needs of digital learning in the 21st century? Also known as E-Rate, it is...

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Tags: UPS Systems, Cables & Connectivity, Server Racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Government, E-Rate, Erate

5 Essential Tools for the Tech-Savvy Business Traveler

According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans logged 457.4 million “person-trips” for business purposes last year, a person-trip defined as “one person on a trip away from home overnight...

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Tags: Connectivity, Power Inverters, Cables & Connectivity, Device Charging, Mobile Devices, Presentation Remotes, Business Travelers

Mystery Solved: How to Connect Multiple Devices to Your New MacBook Pro

So, you have a new MacBook Pro® (4th generation). Now you need to figure out how to connect it to your smartphone, camera, external monitor and other peripherals using just two or four...

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Tags: MacBook Connectivity, MacBook Pro, Cables & Connectivity

7 Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables Over Copper Cables

When you’re planning a new network cable installation or considering upgrades to an existing network, you might want to consider using fiber optic cables.

Network fiber cables have some definite...

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Tags: Copper Cable, Cables & Connectivity, Fiber Cable

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Digital Signage Connectivity Products

Connecting high-resolution video and audio sources such as computers, laptops and DVD players to HDTVs, monitors and projectors can quickly get complicated, especially when it’s over long...

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Tags: Cables & Connectivity, Digital Signage, Choose Cables, Choosing Extenders, How to Select Digital Signage

USB Charging Cables Can Impact Mobile Device Battery Charging Rates

When you feel your phone, tablet or laptop is taking an awfully long time to recharge back to 100% capacity, you may be wondering whether it’s time to buy a new battery or even a battery...

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Tags: Cables & Connectivity, Device Charging

What’s the Difference Between Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Patch Cables?

When searching the Internet for network fiber patch cables, the first decision you often encounter is singlemode or multimode. Hopefully, I can make that decision easier for you by explaining...

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Tags: Cables & Connectivity, Data Center, Singlemode vs Multimode Fiber Patch Cables, Fiber Patch Cables, Network Patch Cables


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