With the convergence of IT and OT (operational technology), factories, warehouses and commercial facilities require power protection and connectivity solutions designed to withstand environmental factors such as dust, moisture and electrostatic discharge (ESD). As automation, digital transformation and interconnections between the cloud, edge computing resources and devices like smart sensors increases the need for IT and OT remote power management and connectivity solutions designed for industrial and manufacturing environments will grow.

Many industrial and manufacturing companies are experiencing a digital transformation. Companies are turning to automation, remote power capabilities, and the reliance on battery backup, surge protection and connectivity to ensure IT and OT equipment is powered, protected and productive. A large selection of IT and OT power protection and connectivity solutions are available for industrial and manufacturing applications designed specifically for factory floors, warehouses, harsh environments and edge / IIoT data centers.

How have industrial and manufacturing companies evolved?

  • A revival in domestic manufacturing (automation)
  • A need for a more predictable, transparent and resilient supply chain, across a wider geographic base
  • A trend toward digital transformation to drive competitive advantage
  • An increase in collaborative work, both in-person and remote

The demand for IT and OT power protection and connectivity in industrial and manufacturing facilities has never been greater in this digital age. UPS systems, PDUs, power strips and cables designed for harsh industrial and manufacturing environments are available.