Which Type of UPS System Works Best with a Generator?

Do you have a generator to supply power during a lengthy blackout? You’ll get the most out of it if you connect your generator to a UPS system. But there’s more than one kind of UPS – it’s important to choose the right type of system so it will play nicely with your generator power. [Continue reading]

Connect Your Laptop to the Internet without a Built-in Ethernet Port

No ethernet in laptops

Laptop computers are trending toward thinner models that do not include an Ethernet port. If you rely on Wi-Fi day-to-day, you may not notice the change. But in situations where Wi-Fi is weak or unavailable, you can count on a USB 3.0, 3.1 or USB-C … [Continue reading]

Rolling TV Carts for Education


Use Rolling TV Stands to Help Enhance Learning on a Tight Budget Do more with less. This is the challenge facing virtually every school, particularly when it comes to in-classroom technology. Not everyone learns the same way, but strong visuals … [Continue reading]

Pure Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave

pure sine wave

In regard to output waveform, two types of UPS systems exist—the kind that produce a pure sine wave and the kind that produce a stepped approximation of a sine wave, also known as a pulse-width modulated (PWM) sine wave. The main difference between … [Continue reading]

Power Cable Jacket Types Explained


If you’ve been looking for a new or replacement detachable power cable, you might have seen an alphabet soup of abbreviations for the cable jacket type. Understanding these abbreviations will help you choose the correct power cable for your … [Continue reading]