What Are Surge Protector Joules and How Many Do I Need?

Among the factors to consider when choosing a surge protector—how many outlets, the optimal cord length and options such as protection for a coaxial cable connection—perhaps the most important factor is the surge protector’s joule rating.


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Micro Data Centers Simplify Edge Computing

New technologies allow organizations to collect data more frequently and from more source devices, and to respond intelligently. To accommodate this data hurricane, they are putting network...

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Tags: Micro Data Centers, Edge Network Challenges, Edge Locations, Edge Computing System, Edge Computing Challenges, Micro Data Center Solutions, Micro Data Center, Edge Computing, Edge Infrastructure

When Should I Upgrade to 4K Video Signage?

The 4K revolution will be televised, and it will look spectacular. Go into any retail store’s home electronics department and you’ll find an array of 4K TVs—many in sizes unimaginable only a...

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Tags: Displayport, 4K Extenders, HDMI, Wireless 4K

Are Hospital Patient Rooms Ready for iPads?

According to Gartner research, 20% of hospitals in the U.S. offer patients access to medical information and entertainment on iPads or other tablets. This trend in interactive patient care...

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Tags: Hospital Ipads, Hospital Ipad Charging, Ipad-Friendly Hospital Rooms, Interactive Patient Care, Ipads In Hospitals, Devices In Patient Rooms, Device Charging Policy For Patients

FAR 52.204-24 – What You Need to Know

The publication date of this article is January 14, 2020. Some of the amendments and rules discussed here are interim and subject to change in the near future.

Amid recent concerns...

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Tags: FAR 52.204-24, FAR 52.204-24 Amendment, FAR 52.204-24 Status, FAR 52.204-24 Restrictions, FAR 52.204-24 Exemptions

Solve Heat-Related Problems in Your Small-to-Midsize Data Center

As the demand for agile, rapidly deployed small and midsize data centers grows, IT professionals must be prepared to manage the heat-related challenges the new equipment will bring. A...

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Tags: Data Center Cooling, Data Center Heat Management, Data Center Temperature Control, Hot-Aisle/Cold-Aisle Configuration, Hot Data Center, Data Center Passive Airflow/Heat Management

Why Does Your School Need Classroom Charging Stations?

If your school isn’t using mobile devices in the classroom, chances are it soon will be. Chromebooks, tablets and even smartphones are becoming common learning tools in today’s connected...

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Tags: Charging Station, USB Charging Station, Chromebook Charger, Apple Charging Station, iPad Charger, Phone Charging Station, Samsung Chromebook Charger, iPhone Charging Station, Chromebook Tablet, iPad Wireless Charging

USB-C and Chromebooks in the Classroom: A Better Option

As technology continues to transform education, you face the difficult task of supporting more advanced equipment with a dwindling classroom budget. You may be dealing with aging facilities,...

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Tags: Chromebook, USB C to HDMI, Samsung Chromebook, HDMI Adapter, USB C Cable, Micro USB to HDMI, USB C Adapter, HDMI to USB, USB to HDMI, Google Chromebook, USB to HDMI Adapter

This USB-C to Lightning Cable Is What You've Been Looking For

Has this ever happened to you? You connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning connector to your MacBook’s USB‑C port to charge it or transfer data, and nothing happens. Time to buy a new...

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Tags: iPhone Adapter, Lightning Cable, USB C to Lightning, iPhone 6 Charger, iPhone Charger, iPhone Charger Cable, Apple Lightning Cable, Lightning to USB Cable, iPhone Charger Cord, Lightning Connector

Top 10 Tech Gifts

We’ve rounded up some of the top Tripp Lite gifts and stocking stuffers for this holiday season!

1. For Anyone with a Phone or Tablet

Heavy‑Duty USB‑A to USB Micro‑B Cable, 6 ft.


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How USB-C Bridges the Gap Between Old and New Technology

If you’ve purchased a new laptop computer recently, especially a MacBook or Chromebook, you may have noticed some missing ports. Apple and Google have scrapped many of their existing ports for...

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Tags: USB to HDMI Adapter, Portable Monitor, Portable Monitor for Laptop, VGA Adapter; USB Monitor, USB C Monitor, USB to VGA Adapter


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