The Many Uses of KVM Switches

KVM Switches are used in IT environments across a wide range of industries for benefits ranging from reducing desktop clutter to enabling remote access of network devices. If you haven’t integrated KVM Switches into your data center design, it’s time well spent to consider how you can use them to improve your operations. [Continue reading]

How To Select a Surge Protector for a Home Theater System


Investing in a surge protector that’s designed for home theater equipment is a small price to pay in order to protect your very expensive equipment from the unforeseen consequences of power surges or electrical line noise. But selecting a surge … [Continue reading]

How Load Ramping Protects Data Center Power Systems from Inrush Overloads

Load ramping is an advanced feature of switched power distribution units (PDUs) and is used to protect data center power systems from inrush-related overloads by customizing the turn-on sequence of data center equipment. To better understand load … [Continue reading]

Event Logging: An Essential Tool for Troubleshooting Power Problems

Power events such as transients can last only microseconds while other power disturbances (e.g., blackouts, brownouts, sags, etc.) may persist for only milliseconds. Both are much shorter than the average time to blink your eye. Intermittent power … [Continue reading]

Why Rack Cooling Efficiency Matters


Did you know that cooling makes up around 40% of total data center operating costs? In most cases, rack cooling best practices can increase the efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Download the White Paper to … [Continue reading]