Event Logging: An Essential Tool for Troubleshooting Power Problems

Power events such as transients can last only microseconds while other power disturbances (e.g., blackouts, brownouts, sags, etc.) may persist for only milliseconds. Both are much shorter than the average time to blink your eye. Intermittent power disturbances caused by harmonic distortions often occur randomly making them hard to troubleshoot even moments after the power disturbance occurs. [Continue reading]

Why Rack Cooling Efficiency Matters


Did you know that cooling makes up around 40% of total data center operating costs? In most cases, rack cooling best practices can increase the efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Download the White Paper to … [Continue reading]

5 Factors that will Shorten the Life of Your UPS Battery

Recently, a customer emailed me asking for the life expectancy of UPS Replacement Batteries. While the generally accepted range is 3 to 5 years, this answer is a ball park estimate because battery life depends on a number of factors. Let's briefly go … [Continue reading]

Why Hot-Swap Capability is Key to Zero Network Downtime


In the past, UPS repairs or maintenance were often a big headache for IT departments with UPS Systems that were non-modular and hardwired making them time-consuming to repair. An off-site technician was usually required to diagnose the problem, often … [Continue reading]

Four Benefits of High-Density Fiber Patch Panel Solutions

With new advances in networking technology, such as the introduction of 40Gbps switches, as well as the 100/120Gbps switches in the not too distant future, IT professionals will be confronted with the problem of connecting high-speed switches not … [Continue reading]