Preparing Your Data Network for VoIP

If you’re switching to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you’ll need to prepare your data network for real-time voice traffic so that users experience good call quality.

VoIP_000012037241When an email or a web page travels across your network, you want the data to arrive quickly, but it isn’t a disaster if there’s a slight delay. If the data is streaming video, buffering can cover most network hiccups and prevent the end users from noticing a problem. However, phone communication is less forgiving to delays because a phone call is conducted in real-time. Since a VoIP phone call is not pre-recorded, the data network cannot rely on buffering to maintain call quality. With real-time voice traffic, even small errors or delays in a VoIP phone call can result in poor call quality. [Continue reading]

Will Your Surge Protector Still Protect Your Equipment After a Power Surge?


Let’s say you had a weather-related power surge at your home or facility, and you had all your important electronic equipment protected by a surge protector. Your connected equipment is working properly post-surge, so you assume the surge protector … [Continue reading]

The Power Strip CMS Categorical Waiver and Its Requirements

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a categorical waiver allowing the use of power strips in new and existing healthcare facility patient care rooms, if the provider/supplier is in compliance with all applicable 2012 Life … [Continue reading]

How to Connect a Tablet to a DVI Monitor, Flat Screen TV or HDMI Projector


A tablet is an incredibly useful device that can boost your productivity, keep you in touch with family or friends, as well as entertain you with a wealth of movies and games. While tablets aren’t a total replacement for a laptop (yet), they do the … [Continue reading]

Maximize Wall-Mount Rack Space with PDU/Ethernet Switch Combos


Wall-mounted racks are often used to organize and secure IT equipment at the edge of a company network, for example, in branch offices, classrooms, retail spaces and other remote locations. In recent years, the growth in cloud computing, powerful … [Continue reading]