Does Your Rack Equipment Need Seismic Protection?

SR42UBZ4-FRONT-LIf your rack equipment such as servers, switches and hubs is located in an earthquake zone or is regularly subject to vibration (e.g. an industrial environment), it has greater vulnerability to physical damage and data corruption. Rapid movement or vibration can damage sensitive electronics and affect the data they contain. Racks are designed to keep equipment safe while stationary, but what if the ground isn’t stationary? [Continue reading]

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Eliminate Downtime and Save Money with UPS Preventive Maintenance

Why do you need UPS Preventive Maintenance? A UPS Preventive Maintenance Service is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your business. It increases your return on your power protection investment and can pay for itself in a … [Continue reading]

Line-interactive vs On-line Network UPS Systems and Which Should You Choose?

The two main types of UPS operation (known as the UPS system’s topology) used in Network/Server UPS Systems are line-interactive and on-line. At the most basic level, line-interactive UPS systems are less expensive than on-line UPS systems … [Continue reading]

Is Your “Secure” Network Really Secure?


Even a robust security plan can be compromised at the user access point. For this reason, KVM Switches that interface with both secure and non-secure networks pose a significant risk to data security and are often targeted by hackers. Some network … [Continue reading]

Are You a SpiceHead in Serious Need of a Wall Mount Rack?


Does your network or server room look something like this photo? If so, post photos of your messy network on Spiceworks and the 3 messiest photos will win a brand new 12U wall mount rack cabinet! Hurry.. offer ends this Friday. UPDATE: February … [Continue reading]