How to Plan for a Server Room Rack Installation

Room Attributes
As with any IT project, a little planning at the outset can prevent big headaches down the road. When choosing a room, make sure you have enough space for all the racks you’ll need now and in the foreseeable future. And don’t forget that you need to move the racks from the point of delivery to the final location. [Continue reading]

As Computing Demand Heats Up, So Do Data Centers


Many data centers start out as a few racks in a computer room or network closet. As computing needs grow – driven by factors ranging from business expansion to VoIP to virtualization – more equipment and higher wattages are packed into each rack, … [Continue reading]

What’s the Difference Between Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Patch Cables?


When searching the Internet for network fiber patch cables, the first decision you often encounter is singlemode or multimode. Hopefully, I can make that decision easier for you by explaining the differences between the two, and why you should choose … [Continue reading]

Portable Computer Room Air Conditioners with Remote Management

Let's talk about Portable Computer Room Air Conditioners and how they provide supplemental cooling in data centers. Portable Computer Room Air Conditioners fix localized heat-related problems, such as overheating racks and hot spots within data … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Power Protection for Office Workstations


Everyone recognizes the importance of backing up the data center, but overlooking the workstation is an all-too-common mistake. Office workers’ productivity depends on the smooth operation of their desktop workstations. … [Continue reading]