5 Factors that will Shorten the Life of Your UPS Battery

Recently, a customer emailed me asking for the life expectancy of UPS Replacement Batteries. While the generally accepted range is 3 to 5 years, this answer is a ball park estimate because battery life depends on a number of factors. Let’s briefly go over the main ones: [Continue reading]

Why Hot-Swap Capability is Key to Zero Network Downtime


In the past, UPS repairs or maintenance were often a big headache for IT departments with UPS Systems that were non-modular and hardwired making them time-consuming to repair. An off-site technician was usually required to diagnose the problem, often … [Continue reading]

Four Benefits of High-Density Fiber Patch Panel Solutions

With new advances in networking technology, such as the introduction of 40Gbps switches, as well as the 100/120Gbps switches in the not too distant future, IT professionals will be confronted with the problem of connecting high-speed switches not … [Continue reading]

“Selling” 3-Phase Power to Management

You don’t need to know much about 3-phase power to decide whether you need it for your application. If you decide that 3-phase power is the best choice for your needs, there are some attributes of 3-phase power that can help you sell the idea to the … [Continue reading]

How to Plan for a Server Room Rack Installation

Room Attributes As with any IT project, a little planning at the outset can prevent big headaches down the road. When choosing a room, make sure you have enough space for all the racks you’ll need now and in the foreseeable future. And don’t forget … [Continue reading]