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Power interruptions can be painful. Dropping a game because of a power interruption is adding insult to injury. A UPS battery backup system installed in your gaming setup will not only protect your valuable equipment, it can support gaming continuity during power problems and ensure optimal...

Unlike indoor network environments where the temperature range is more easily controlled, there are several outdoor and remote network environments where the temperature can fluctuate dramatically. These applications range from traffic signals and signs to off-shore oil rigs, security cameras...

What happens when lighting strikes a house? A lightning bolt’s main objective is to find the path of least resistance between the storm cloud it originated from to its end point deep in the ground. Most houses have numerous potential routes for lightning to follow. These include gas and water...


    Tripp Lite joined the Eaton family in March 2021. Eaton has long been a premier name in backup power and power management. The acquisition of Tripp Lite transforms Eaton’s distributed IT infrastructure and connectivity equipment capabilities. Combining our product strengths and expert personnel allows us to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for critical power and digital infrastructure applications, backed by quality, service and support you can trust. Learn more at

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