Extreme temperature UPS system

Unlike indoor network environments where the temperature range is more easily controlled, there are several outdoor and remote network environments where the temperature can fluctuate dramatically. These applications range from traffic signals and signs to off-shore oil rigs, security cameras and cell tower bases.

Private businesses as well as city and transportation agencies are investing in technology and infrastructure that enables reliable network performance in extreme temperatures. This includes UPS systems designed to support the infrastructure at the core of this new connected technology and offer a complete power protection solution for industrial, outdoor and transportation environments with extreme temperature fluctuations. These UPS systems provide safe and reliable power to all networking equipment, especially during power outages.

Wide operating temperature range

UPS Systems Designed for Extreme Temperatures

If you’re considering a UPS system designed for extreme temperatures, you’ll need to get a UPS and batteries that are rated for use at your required temperature range. Extreme temperature UPS systems can operate at wider temperatures with battery charging capability for charging in a vast range of harsh temperature conditions. However, extreme temperature UPS systems typically do not come with their own batteries. If this is the case, you should consider purchasing batteries that are designed for the appropriate temperature range for your specific application:

  • Traffic signals and signs
  • Parking ramp metering
  • Oil fields and off-shore oil rigs
  • Roadside monitoring systems
  • Security and surveillance
  • Government and military facilities
  • Traffic cameras
  • Public transportation field controls
  • Tolling systems
  • Rail crossing signals
  • Network equipment closets at cell tower bases

If you’re looking for a UPS system that needs to support these applications in harsh-temperature environments, the perfect solution in available.