Why Does Your School Need Classroom Charging Stations?

If your school isn’t using mobile devices in the classroom, chances are it soon will be. Chromebooks, tablets and even smartphones are becoming common learning tools in today’s connected classrooms. A 2017 survey by the University of Phoenix College of Education found that almost 63% of K‑12 teachers use technology in the classroom on a daily basis.

Technology in the classroom has many learning benefits, but also creates practical challenges: How do you charge, organize and securely store the devices? The answer is classroom charging stations.

Charging Carts


Chromebooks and tablets are useless if they aren’t fully charged at the beginning of the school day. Having students take turns charging devices at available wall outlets with individual Chromebook chargers, MacBook chargers or phone chargers is simply impractical for 1:1 computing. Classroom charging stations and carts provide an AC outlet or USB port for each device, eliminating wait times for device charging. Devices can also be synced wirelessly; USB charging stations can be connected to a computer for wired syncing of devices.


Charging Station Tower

Aside from the devices themselves, charging cords and power adapters add to classroom clutter. Charging stations in classrooms offer a central location for charging devices and keeping cable sprawl in check. A central charging station with numbered slots also makes it easier for teachers and administrators to keep track of devices.

Charging stations in schools can rest on a table or the floor; they can also be mounted to a wall. Charging carts offer placement flexibility and are perfect for schools where devices are shared between classrooms. If you need to save space, consider a charging station tower. The towers take up less floor space than most charging carts and make it easy for younger students to access devices.


The ability to protect devices from tampering and theft is essential. A classroom of devices can easily exceed $10,000 in hardware costs alone. Most school districts can’t afford to replace lost or stolen devices, plus missing devices mean lost learning time. Charging stations in classrooms lock securely to protect the school district’s technology investment.

Charging Stations

Where Can You Find Charging Stations for Schools?

Tripp Lite offers charging stations, carts and towers for charging and securely storing up to 48 devices. Smaller desktop solutions are also available for up to 10 tablets or smartphones. Tripp Lite’s knowledgeable support team can help you with any questions.