In the specifications for Tripp Lite’s recently announced Display Mount products, you’ll find something called “VESA Pattern”. The products themselves are described as “VESA-compliant #8221;. So what exactly is VESA and what is the significance of VESA-compliance?

The Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA for short, defines and promotes industry-wide standards for the computer and consumer electronics industries. As the name implies, VESA standards relate primarily to video technologies, including interfaces such as DisplayPort.

The VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) sets out safe, effective ways of mounting flat panel monitors and flat TVs of various sizes and weights on desktops, walls, pedestals, ceilings and other specialized applications. The standard includes specifications for mounting equipment manufacturers like Tripp Lite so customers can be confident that the size and pattern of screw holes on a mounting bracket will match those on the monitor or TV being mounted.

Full-Motion Mount for 13” to 23” Flat Panel Displays

The Tripp Lite Full-Motion Mount for 13” to 23” Flat Panel Displays supports 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA mounting patterns.

The bottom line: before you buy a mounting bracket for your flat-screen TV or computer monitor, first check the monitor’s VESA pattern. If the monitor uses a 200mm x 200mm, your mounting bracket should support the same pattern.