Power, protect, connect and house all your security equipment with these 10 solutions designed to ensure your system remains functioning 24/7.

Video surveillance has become an essential part of daily life. Whether in your business, your home or the public sphere, security systems protect people and property from hazards and liabilities of all kinds. But security systems can’t protect you unless they are properly powered, protected, connected and secured.

Surveillance systems are just as vulnerable as other electronics to power problems, tampering or even theft. Knowing where you need to install cameras and record activity is only half the battle. You must also protect them and keep them available 24/7. The following security infrastructure solutions are ideal for video surveillance and other security applications.

Top 10 Solutions:

  1. PoE Switches
    Managed and unmanaged gigabit PoE switches offer outstanding wattage for the price. More watts mean you can connect more security cameras and other devices, including power-hungry PoE+ devices, without buying more switches. View selection.
  2. PoE Midspan Solutions
    Add power to network lines to enable PoE device support without requiring replacement of existing network switches and related infrastructure. View selection.
  3. AC & Data Line Surge Protectors
    Shield equipment from damaging power surges and line noise. Select models protect serial and network lines and do not need to be connected directly to an AC outlet. This is useful for protecting PoE lines to/from security cameras which may have no convenient outlet access. View selection.
  4. UPS Systems
    Provide battery backup during power outages, as well as protection from surges, line noise, abnormal voltages and other power problems that could prevent your security equipment from operating. View selection.
  5. Close-Coupled Cooling Solutions
    Provide convenient and energy-efficient cooling to prevent heat-related damage and shutdowns. View selection.
  6. Enclosures & Brackets
    Enclosures protect valuable equipment from environmental hazards while keeping it secure and organized—ideal for security cameras located outdoors or in harsh industrial environments. Models with IP54-rated protection are available. View selection.
  7. Audio/Video Extenders
    Deliver high-resolution video, with or without audio and control signals, over long distances through compact and efficient Cat5e/6 cabling—ideal for security systems that cover large, dispersed environments. View selection.
  8. KVM Switches & Console Servers
    Monitor secured areas remotely. Some models provide fail-safe connectivity if the primary network goes down. View selection.
  9. Audio/Video Multi-Viewers
    Reduce cost and complexity by combining signals from multiple cameras into a single signal. View selection.
  10. Media Converters
    Convert copper to fiber for transmission over longer distances with higher speeds. View selection.