These days it’s not unusual to find tablets in the classroom. Devices like Chromebooks, iPads and e-readers have become important educational tools. But as the popularity of mobile devices continues to grow, charging and storing multiple tablets in limited space becomes a clutter problem and a security risk. And shrinking school budgets don’t provide for costly replacement of lost or stolen hardware.

The question for school administrators becomes, how do you balance device charging and security with space and budget limitations?

Your Options for Charging and Storing Tablets

Conventional USB hubs provide convenient, economical charging in a small footprint, but don’t protect devices from theft. Full-size charging stations and carts provide security, but can take up a lot of space, may have a larger capacity than you require and may exceed budget allowances.

Desktop charging stations

Desktop charging stations provide the best of both worlds: secure, high-speed charging in a space-saving design that’s also budget friendly. Available in both AC and USB models, desktop charging stations charge and secure up to 10 tablets, e-readers, Kindles, iPhones or other devices up to 10.5 inches. The stations are just the right size for placement on a desk, table or cart.

To discourage device theft, damage and tampering, the desktop charging stations feature a locking cover. When it’s time to use the devices, unlock and remove the cover. To deter theft of the entire charging station, a security cable with combination lock is included to attach the unit to a desk or table.

The AC desktop charging station features a 10-outlet removable surge protector with 2880 joules of surge suppression. The USB desktop charging station delivers up to 2.4 amps to each of the 10 USB charging ports. Both models have cable slots at the top and the front of the base for routing charging cables under the device shelf to keep them organized and out of sight.

Another Way for Schools to Save

The federal E-rate program is a great way for schools and libraries to save on network equipment. Tripp Lite has more than 1,500 E-rate eligible products that fall under the Services Eligible for Category Two Support in the E-Rate Modernization Order. Schools and libraries may receive substantial discounts on eligible UPS systems, PDUs, Gigabit Ethernet switches, server racks and network cables.