Everyone recognizes the importance of backing up the data center, but overlooking the workstation is an all-too-common mistake. Office workers’ productivity depends on the smooth operation of their desktop workstations. If we think of the data center as the water tower and the network as the pipes, then the workstation is the faucet—all the parts have to work together to keep things flowing. Even a brief power disruption can ruin hours of work and initiate break time for the whole building while systems reboot. Meanwhile, calls go unanswered, orders go unfilled and the entire organization is dead in the water.

Efficient desktop UPS systems (1) protect every piece of equipment with a plug, including computer systems and IP phones that receive their power from a wall outlet. Models with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) can correct abnormal voltages without using battery power, which reduces battery wear and preserves backup runtime for outages. Where battery backup is not required, surge protectors (2) keep equipment safe from damaging transient voltage spikes. Many solutions are also available to connect and mount desktop peripherals to help increase productivity, including network, monitor and USB cables (3) and display/monitor mounts (4).

The Importance of Power Protection for Office Workstations