If you have multiple mobile devices such as laptops, iPad® and Android™ tablets, smartphones and MP3 players to charge simultaneously, it can be a challenge to find an available USB charging port for all of them. Even if you did, it would be a very slow process if you planned on using standard USB 1x and 2.0 ports, which have a maximum charging current of only 500 mA @ 5V (2.5W). Standard USB charging ports were adequate for older flip phones with 800 mAh batteries, but today’s generation of smartphones can have battery capacities of 2000 mAh or more. Tablet batteries are even bigger with typical capacities of 6000 mAh or more.

In addition to the need of charging multiple devices is the added task of syncing them, which often happens when a school purchases numerous laptops or tablets and needs to configure them prior to classroom use.

To solve the problem of charging/syncing multiple USB devices quickly, a 16-Port USB Charger with Syncing Function has been developed to provide an efficient charge-and-sync solution. Labs, schools, libraries, warehouses and offices can all benefit from this device, which can be used as a standalone unit or mounted in a rack while occupying only 1U of rack space.

16-Port USB Charger with Syncing Function

The 16-Port USB Charger with Syncing Function can charge up to 16 mobile devices, allowing you to keep them fully charged and ready to go without the need to connect them to a computer or individual outlets with AC adapters. Each 5V port provides 2.4A (12W per port) for charging power-hungry devices.

You can also sync your devices using file management software such as iTunes® or Apple® Configurator. The 16-Port USB Charger supports USB 2.0 data transfer rates up to 480Mbps. A firmware upgrade port is provided to easily accommodate future software upgrades. For long-lasting service and easy installation, it’s enclosed in a durable, steel housing, and comes with mounting hardware for rack-mount installations.

If you are a school technology, lab, tech depot or enterprise IT manager dealing with an abundance of mobile devices to maintain, the 16-Port USB Charger with Syncing Function should be of interest to you.