At capacities of 5kW and above, the most practical way to provide redundant power to 208V server racks has been to connect redundant 3-phase rack PDUs to redundant power supplies in each server. Until now…

Traditional Dual 3-Phase PDU Solution vs. 3-Phase ATS PDU Solution

Challenge: Provide redundant power to a rack that has clustered 1U servers

Traditional Dual PDU Solution Tripp Lite
ATS Solution
Two 3-phase rack PDUs feed
single phase 208V loads
3-phase rack ATS feeds
single phase 208V loads
Two power supplies per server One power supply per server; the Tripp Lite ATS provides redundant power to each server power supply, so a second power supply is not required.
Two power cords per server One power cord per server
The Tripp Lite Advantage
  • Simplified network management with a single ATS per rack to monitor
  • Fewer power supplies to purchase
  • 2–4% gain in efficiency, depending on the power supply used(1)
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Fewer power cords to purchase
  • Simplified cable management
  • Improved airflow, allowing servers to run cooler and last longer
  • Improved service access