The Benefits of Antimicrobial Power Strips for Healthcare Facilities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate nearly two million hospital patients in the U.S. annually contract a healthcare-acquired infection (HAI), at a cost over $36 million a year.

Frequently, HAIs are spread through cross-contamination when objects are handled by multiple people. Any object in a healthcare setting touched by staff, patients or visitors becomes a potential breeding ground for harmful microbes such as C. diff and MRSA. The threat of HAIs is especially significant within the patient-care vicinity, where patients receive their treatments.

Antimicrobial Power Strips - Front View

Hidden Sources of HAIs

Think of frequently handled objects in a hospital and what likely comes to mind are door handles, light switches and elevator buttons. Not so obvious are objects used in the treatment of patients that may need to be moved from one room to another, thus increasing the chances of transferring bacteria and viruses. Medical facilities often use carts holding equipment that needs to be plugged in. The assembly on the cart may include a special-purpose relocatable power strip, also known as a power strip.

Therefore, medical-grade power strips are among the devices in a hospital that are handled and moved often, making them prime contenders in the fight against cross-contamination. By using only power strips with a patented antimicrobial silver ionic powder coating, the risk of cross-contamination can be reduced. The EPA-registered coating is 99.9% effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi on surfaces. The coating meets the requirements of JIS Z 2801:2000, an international standard for evaluating efficacy in antimicrobial products.

A Tool in the Fight Against HAIs

Healthcare facilities of all sizes, including hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, should consider antimicrobial power strips as another tool to use in their efforts to help keep patients and staff healthier. Antimicrobial power strips can also help avoid the burdensome costs of HAIs caused by cross-contamination when power strips are handled.

Antimicrobial Power Strips - Side View

Tripp Lite’s full line of medical-grade and hospital-grade power strips now have this patented antimicrobial coating, making Tripp Lite’s models the only such devices currently available. All medical-grade and hospital-grade models meet regulations issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission. All ULTRA models include patented fault protection for standalone use in patient-care vicinities in accordance with UL 60601-1 standards. Tripp Lite’s family of power strips for use in healthcare facilities includes models with as many as six outlets and cords up to 25 ft. in length.


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