antimicrobial protection for medical facilities

By clicking the link to this page, you probably already understand the need to take precautions against the spread of viruses and bacteria to patients, staff and visitors in hospitals and other healthcare environments. This can affect a hospital’s ability to protect the community as well as meet requirements for government funding.

The HAI (Healthcare-Acquired Infection) Challenge:

With all the patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and administrative and support staff, hospitals are extremely busy places. This foot traffic can become a breeding ground for harmful viruses and bacteria which can live and multiply on furniture, walls, doors and many types of hospital equipment.

Frequently, HAIs are spread through cross-contamination when objects are handled by multiple people. Any object in a healthcare setting touched by staff, patients or visitors becomes a potential breeding ground for harmful microbes. The threat of HAIs is especially significant within the patient-care vicinity, where patients are most vulnerable when receiving treatment.

Hidden Sources of Infection:

Think of frequently handled objects in a hospital and what likely comes to mind are door handles, light switches and elevator buttons. Not so obvious are objects used in the treatment of patients that may need to be moved from one room to another, thus increasing the chances of transferring bacteria and viruses. Medical facilities often use carts holding equipment that needs to be plugged in. The assembly on the cart may include a special-purpose relocatable power strip or surge suppressor. Therefore, power strips and surge suppressors in a hospital that are handled and moved often make them prime contenders in the fight against cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial Healthcare Solutions:

Tripp Lite offers power strips and surge protectors with patented antimicrobial technology that is 99.9% effective in inhibiting the growth of microbes. 20 different models provide safe and reliable power, as standalone solutions or by mounting to IV poles, crash carts and mobile medical workstations, and help keep hospital patients and staff healthy. All models have been tested to meet JIS Z 2801:2000, an industrial standard for antimicrobial activity.

Antimicrobial Antiviral Power Strips for Hospitals

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