Digital signage reached a tipping point when prices for high-quality flat-panel displays reached commodity levels. Now that digital signage is enjoying widespread adoption, sales opportunities are expanding. The worldwide market is expected to grow 9% per year, reaching $15 billion by 2020. The display itself is only the visible endpoint of a digital signage solution that may require many components. There are typically multiple opportunities for add-on and solution sales each time a customer purchases a display.

Connectivity products play primarily in the infrastructure space around and between source(s) and display(s). Cat5/5e extenders (1) (including transmitters and receivers) deliver high-resolution video signals (with or without audio) to displays hundreds of feet away using efficient Cat5/6 (UTP) cabling (2). Display cables (3) connect extender endpoints or provide direct connections for distances of 100 ft. or less. Surge protectors (4) prevent display damage and filter EMI/RFI noise. Display mounts (5) provide sturdy, VESA-compliant wall installation for displays. Wall-mount rack cabinets (6) keep A/V sources and other equipment organized and secure.

Solutions for Digital Signage / Large Format Displays