Keeping digital signage displays protected from power problems is crucial and frequently overlooked.

One of the hottest markets right now is digital signage, and it’s growing with extraordinary speed. As industries invest massive sums of money in the content, source machinery and players which comprise these systems, the choice to keep them protected from power problems is crucial and frequently overlooked.

The inherent opportunities in this industry-wide growth highlight an essential need: with billion of dollars being spent annually on digital signage devices, power protection for those devices is a crucial necessity. By leaving digital signage source players, displays and software vulnerable to power surges and outages, you or your company risk losing entire investments in these systems.

To appreciate the gravity of the risk involved, it is best to consider the fact that all electronics are vulnerable to power problems. Despite advances in technology, power grids across the country are struggling to supply reliable power to homes and businesses. The increasing occurrence of large natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and the growing demand for electricity have created a significant strain on power grids and an increase in damaging power problems. As a result, computer systems and electronics are under siege by more frequent blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages, surges and other power anomalies, all of which can result in downtime or lockups, data loss, productivity loss, audio static, video snow, slow electronic degradation and, ultimately, catastrophic equipment damage.

In addition, a digital signage installation requires independent protection, separate from other systems at its location. If, due to an overtaxed power protection system, a retailer should experience the failure of the computer network controlling its cash registers and the digital displays advertising its new products, not only are all current sales brought to an immediate halt, but future sales revenues are significantly hurt because customers no longer receive promotional information. With the two systems protected independently of each other, however, each can continue to operate even if the other experiences an outage.

The exact equipment and protection requirements of display systems are as varied as the customers who utilize them. From national retail and restaurant chains to individual small businesses, corporate campuses to emergency medical and public service facilities, the specific needs will vary, but the overall essentials are the same: top-quality, independent power protection for all digital signage components.