There’s no worse feeling than a canceled or delayed flight. Except when your phone is dying and you have to scramble to find a charge, adding undue stress to your search for a new flight. Or when you finally make it to your hotel room and you need a charge to finish emails (or stream Netflix before bed), but there’s no outlet nearby.

Using public USB chargers could expose your data to hackers

So you just plug into the public USB charging station at the airport or that handy little USB port mounted on the lamp in your hotel room, right? Wrong! You could be exposing your data to a scam known as “juice jacking,” when the USB port or cable has been loaded with malware that infects your device and can export your data, including passwords and banking information, into the hands of waiting hackers.

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How Do You Safely Charge Your Device?

Use a USB charging adapter between the outlet and your phone

You need your device to get home, order that rideshare when you land, or simply pass the time while waiting to board (not to mention while you are flying)! Instead of trusting your expensive phone (and priceless data) to a random USB port, find an AC outlet and use a USB charging adapter between the outlet and your phone. Power flows from the outlet through the adapter, into your personal USB cable and into your device, eliminating the possibility of exposing yourself to danger.

Portable charging banks allow devices to be charged without a wall outlet

However, wall outlets, especially at airports, can be hard to come by or even have a line of fellow travelers waiting for a turn! Outsmart them (and the hackers) with a personal portable charging bank. They are the perfect power solution when you are on the road; compact designs fit comfortably in a pocket, purse or backpack to make sure your devices are ready when you need them. Simply use a USB cable to charge it up and you will have hours of mobile power at your fingertips.

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