Often times it is necessary to share and display content from multiple presenters on different displays, but a solution can be hard to find. Consider a presentation matrix switch to solve this problem. These matrix switches make it easy to manage content from multiple multi-format sources in a variety of settings, including boardrooms, classrooms and hospital environments.

9x2 Multi-Format Presentation Matrix Switch with Audio Extractor - UHD 4K 60 Hz, IR Support, 4:4:4, 1U B3009X24K

Most multi-format matrix switches should be able to connect multiple audio/video sources, such as computers, media players and cable boxes, with one or two HDMI displays and also provide the ability to control the content shown on each screen. A preview feature shows the content from all of the sources at the same time, allowing quick identification of each source’s content.

Users can easily switch between connected video sources using the front-panel buttons, an IR remote or an RS‑232 serial controller. A built-in KVM switch allows control of one or two connected computers using a keyboard and mouse. Also, a presentation matrix switch should include USB ports that accept peripherals such as flash drives.

Here are the top 5 benefits of presentation matrix switches:

  1. Consolidate management of multiple video sources
  2. Provide user-friendly switching between displays
  3. Feature multiple display modes for optimal display flexibility
  4. Allow control of one or two computers with a built-in KVM switch
  5. Support sending stereo sound to speakers or amplifiers