Sometimes, let me rephrase that, most of the time, the network administrator has more than just the data center to manage (i.e. network closets, user systems, etc.) and if he only has local metering, he may not know when a particular load is exceeding capacity if he is not physically in the data center location. What can help with this? On-the-go power monitoring, or as the technical crowd calls it, remote power management, can help! Right away if you’re the network administrator your mind jumps to getting things done quickly and efficiently. To know your power needs, you have to have devices in place that can be monitored and managed remotely. This not only goes for the UPS, but also their output distribution sources such as PDUs. Having intelligent PDUs with remote monitoring and management brings certain advantages to the table depending on the functionality that you require. What are they?

PDU Power Management Diagram

Outlet Sequencing

Why would such a feature be important? PDUs are “always on” devices. The make sure that AC power from your wall, generator or UPS system is going to your devices. In the event of initial power up, Switched PDUs have the ability to perform sequential outlet start up. This prevents all the connected devices from powering up at the same time. Now imagine devices that have to startup in a certain sequence so that they can be seen by each other. This feature can facilitate that operation via user input timing for single outlets or groups of outlets based on the switched product used.

Outlet Control

The ability to turn on, off or cycle power to each receptacle is one of the main features of Switched PDUs. Having the capability to not only see what going is on with your power, but having the ability to control each outlet is a must due to unresponsive equipment, maintenance or other application emergencies. Outlet management can also come into play to reduce the use of unauthorized equipment being plugged into the PDU receptacles. Check out this post on remote reboot and share your insights as well.

Load Metering (Total & Outlet Level)

How to know what the equipment draw is? Intelligent PDUs in the Monitored and Switched categories provide the ability to see how many amps of power are being drawn at the PDU level. Newer technologies incorporated in select PDUs allow you to view loads at the individual outlet level. This feature is a great way to find out which devices are drawing the most power for energy management and proper billing-grade metering in colocation/hosting, as well as a slew of other applications that can use this feature. What features are most important to you? Let us know…