New technologies allow organizations to collect data more frequently and from more source devices, and to respond intelligently. To accommodate this data hurricane, they are putting network infrastructure closer to the source devices, a trend known as “edge computing.” But the shift away from centralized data storage and processing toward the edge brings with it a host of challenges that micro data centers have been specially designed to address.

Network infrastructure is now being located closer to the source devices, a trend known as “edge computing.”

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Edge Network Challenges

Edge network challenges: Space and IT personnel

Space: Edge computing installations typically need room to house at least one rack for servers, switches and cabling, as well as room for power distribution, power protection and cooling equipment, a KVM console and other accessories. Edge locations that don’t have dedicated space for IT equipment must invest the time and money to design and build it.

Expertise: Organizations that want to deploy edge infrastructure may not have data center experience, or even an IT department. This will burden them with IT engineering costs to select, procure and test components, then deploy and maintain the edge computing system.

Micro Data Center Solutions

If edge computing challenges seem to outweigh the benefits, consider how a micro data center (MDC) could tip the scales back in your favor.

  1. An MDC should be sized to meet both your equipment needs and your design limitations, reducing site-related costs.
  2. MDCs are designed to be cost-effective, “all-in-one” data center infrastructure solutions–no shopping and shipping different components from different manufacturers.
  3. MDCs are faster and easier to deploy; they are pre-configured and tested by the manufacturer and should arrive on-site as a veritable “turnkey data center.” MDCs are also simpler to maintain post-deployment, further reducing IT engineering costs versus a traditional data center.
  4. MDCs should be easily and quickly customizable to fit a site’s specific application needs.
Edge network challenges: Space and IT personnel

Tripp Lite EdgeReady™ Micro Data Centers

Tripp Lite has 40 pre-configured MDCs that ship in as little as three business days, and customized solutions can ship in as little as five days. Our team of data center experts can help you design and quickly deploy the MDC your organization needs.

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