Let’s not forget that just because green, desktop UPS systems save energy doesn’t mean they sacrifice power protection. Here’s how green outlet technology works.

Energy-saving UPS systems connect to your computer’s USB port. When your computer shuts down or enters standby mode, the UPS waits three minutes to make sure your computer is not rebooting or temporarily unable to communicate, then green outlet technology automatically cuts power to the designated energy-saving outlets.

How Energy-Saving UPS System Outlet Technology Works

Cutting power to the energy-saving outlets prevents idle devices from wasting electricity. The battery-backup outlets and surge-only outlets remain powered, supporting always-on devices like routers and broadband modems. When your computer starts up again, green outlet technology automatically restores power to the energy-saving outlets and your entire system is ready to use. LEDs or LCD icons indicate whether the technology is active and whether the energy-saving outlets are on or off.