The faster you can charge a laptop, notebook or smartphone the better. In this interconnected world, we need to have access to our mobile devices 24/7 to ensure business productivity and the ability to share content with customers, colleagues, students, family and friends at any time and from any place. Chargers with new GaN technology can charge laptops and other devices faster than their predecessors, and their smaller size gives you the portability you need.

Gan charger technology

What is the Difference Between GaN and Silicon Chargers?

Gallium nitride (GaN) technology has a higher power density than silicon chargers and provides greater efficiency than standard USB‑C fast chargers. Gallium nitride is able to conduct far higher voltages over time than silicon—therefore GaN chargers do not require as many components and can be smaller.

GaN chargers are not only more efficient at transferring current, but also lose less energy due to heat, meaning more energy goes to whatever you’re trying to charge as opposed to heating up your device. There are other benefits too, such as a higher switching frequency that enables faster wireless power transfer, and bigger air gaps between the charger and the device, which further adds to its charging efficiency.

Are GaN Chargers Worth the Extra Money?

Currently, GaN semiconductors generally cost more than silicon chargers. However, due to improved efficiency, there’s a reduced reliance on additional materials like heatsinks, filters and circuit elements. You might even save a bit of money on your power bill since more efficient chargers mean less wasted energy. Don’t expect to see a huge change with relatively low-power devices like laptops and smartphones, but it’s safe to say GaN technology is the wave of the future and will be available in many more charging devices soon.

Smaller Size = Greater Mobility

The key point is GaN chargers are much smaller and more mobile than most current chargers used for laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. This smaller size offers tremendous flexibility and quick, efficient charging for students, sales people and other professionals on the go.