With new advances in networking technology, such as the introduction of 40 Gbps switches, as well as the 100/120 Gbps switches in the not too distant future, IT professionals will be confronted with the problem of connecting high-speed switches not only to high-speed devices, but also to legacy, slower-speed devices in a flexible, adjustable and cost-effective manner. High-Density Fiber Patch Panel solutions are the most convenient approach for solving the problem of connecting equipment of varying speeds in a data center environment.

Key Features of a High Density Fiber Patch Panel

High-Density Fiber Patch Panel solutions are a flexible way to connect devices of different generations of equipment (e.g., 10Gb, 40Gb, 100/120Gb) quickly and easily. HD patch panels consist of a panel enclosure and modular HD cassettes, which can connect a 40Gbps fiber network feed (via multi-strand or MTP cable) and segment it into standard LC connections in order to interface with 10Gbps devices. The cassettes are housed in a space-saving, rack-mountable, panel enclosure that can hold either five cassettes (1U configuration) or fourteen cassettes (2U configuration), depending upon the installation. A fully populated 14 cassette, 2U configuration can feed 168 servers (or 10+ racks) in one small high density space.

Benefits of High-Density Fiber Patch Panels

    1. Flexibility: They can connect different generations of equipment such as 10Gb, 40Gb, 100/120Gb in a simple panel-cassette system
    2. Ease of Installation: No tools are required to install the cassette in the panel enclosure. And using push / pull tabs, connections can easily be locked or unlocked in the panel. Each cassette features factory terminated connectors that reduce the time and labor required of field connector terminations.
    3. Adjustability: Network reconfigurations are highly adjustable due to the modular cassette system. Currently, there are five cassette models: 100Gb/120Gb to 10Gb, 40Gb to 10Gb, and 100Gb/120Gb to 40G Breakout Cassettes, and 40Gb and 100Gb/120Gb Pass-Through Cassettes.
    4. Cost-Effectiveness: High-density and ease of installation provide a low initial investment cost. Flexibility, adjustability and reliability provide a high ROI.

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