Reduce your electric bill by up to $50 per year!

Whenever the topic of saving money is brought up, most people’s ears perk up. In the case of managing power usage of your personal or office computer, cost-savings is as easy as plugging in your equipment. Energy-saving UPS Systems use less electricity than standard UPS systems you typically find on the market. With innovative Green Outlet technology and up to 99% efficiency, energy-saving UPS systems can reduce your electric bill by up to $50 per year!

Save Money

Every power adapter and glowing LED represents a potential “phantom load”… electricity wasted by an unused device, even when it appears to be turned off. Energy-saving UPS systems completely disconnect phantom loads from power by automatically turning off energy-saving outlets when your computer shuts down or enters standby. Other outlets stay on to support devices that operate continuously, such as wireless routers and broadband modems.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Over a five-year period, a single Energy-Saving UPS System can shrink your carbon footprint 3,152 pounds and conserve 2,352 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That’s enough energy to power a compact fluorescent light bulb for 20 years! Energy-saving UPS systems are also RoHS compliant and use recyclable, CFC-free packaging designed to reduce waste. Successful recycling initiatives allow most components to reenter the supply chain instead of landfills.