Why do you need UPS Preventive Maintenance?
A UPS Preventive Maintenance Service is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your business. It increases your return on your power protection investment and can pay for itself in a flash!

Preventive Maintenance saves you money by:

  • Preventing costly downtime and business interruption
  • Extending the service life of your UPS system
  • Increasing your UPS system’s efficiency

Your UPS system supports your critical systems and protects you from downtime and business interruption during power outages and other power problems, but it can only protect you when it is working properly. All UPS systems have wearable components that must be checked periodically to ensure they’re still operating within specifications, and those components must be re-calibrated, repaired or replaced when they are not. I would recommend regular Preventive Maintenance to ensure your UPS system is ready to protect you. Without regular Preventive Maintenance, UPS problems may not be apparent until the UPS has to support the load during an outage to avoid critical system downtime and maintain business continuity, which is exactly the wrong time to find out whether it’s working.

Without adequate preparation and protection, power problems will cause downtime and business interruption. According to estimates from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the U.S. economy loses up to $188 billion (USD) per year due to unplanned power outages. The cost to your business may be devastating.

According to EPRI, the electrical grid delivers average service availability of 99.9% (three nines), which equates to nearly 9 hours of downtime per year. By protecting your business with a reliable SmartOnline™ UPS system, you can increase power availability as high as 99.999% (five nines), which is only 5 minutes of downtime per year. With downtime costs estimated at $70,000 per hour for a midsize business, it isn’t hard to see how a SmartOnline UPS system can pay for itself many times over. But to realize these availability improvements, the UPS must be in good working order—that’s where the Preventive Maintenance Service comes in.

When you order a Preventive Maintenance Service, experienced service technicians typically evaluate the condition of the UPS system, with special attention to wearable components such as batteries, capacitors, fans and filters to determine when replacement is necessary. The technicians also test bypass and on-battery operation, confirm that loads are balanced, check phase rotation and calibrate the UPS system as needed to ensure that everything is up to spec and ready to protect your business. Be sure your Preventative Maintenance Service technicians show you a checklist of all the evaluations.

Here’s a list of available Tripp Lite 3-Phase UPS On‑Site Warranty Services that include Preventative Maintenance:

20kVA, 30kVA & 40kVA UPS Systems

60kVA & 80kVA UPS Systems