1. You can secure equipment in minimal space

Wall-mount rack cabinets are perfect for housing equipment like servers and audio/video consoles in rooms with limited floor space like wiring closets. They come with adjustable vertical mounting rails with square holes that accommodate all standard 19‑inch rack equipment, and sturdy steel frames are rated up to 250 lb. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unwanted access because you can protect equipment with a hinged wall-bracket lock.

2. They provide convenient access

Most wall-mount racks include a sturdy hinge between the cabinet and the wall bracket, allowing the cabinet to swing away from the wall for easy access to equipment and cabling. Top and bottom panels include channels for cable routing, and the front door and side panels are removable.

5 Convincing Facts About Wall-Mount Racks

3. Most can adapt to diverse applications

Wall-mount rack cabinets are available in a variety of sizes from 6U to 26U and can be converted into floor-standing enclosures with the optional Rolling Caster Kit (SRCASTER), allowing them to roll under desks, tables or counters.

4. They fit standard 1U servers

Wall-mount racks are sized to fit standard 1U servers with plenty of room for cable management and unobstructed airflow.

5. You have a more economical option

If you simply want to organize your equipment and save space but aren’t concerned with security, choose a wall-mount open frame rack. They have sturdy steel frames and are rated up to 150 lbs.