As faster network speeds emerge, the challenge of integrating different generations of equipment into your network infrastructure becomes more and more prevalent. Many application engineers meet this challenge with custom breakout cables, which can be quite costly and are more of a workaround than a real solution.

All-in-One Fiber Patch Panels

All-in-One 40 Gb to 10 Gb Breakout Fiber Patch Panels offer a simple, cost-effective alternative to breakout cables. With built-in MTP cables and pre-installed cassettes, these self-contained patch panels come ready for action right out of the box. Simply connect the 2-meter cables to ports on a 40 Gb switch, then add standard, off-the-shelf duplex LC cables to connect your 10 Gb devices to the breakout panel’s front ports.

Key Benefits of All-in-One Fiber Patch Panels:

  • Ease of installation: Built-in MTP cables for quick and easy deployment
  • Manageability: Self-contained design for organization and reduced clutter
  • Flexibility: Modular components for easy changing of cassettes
  • Scalability: Designed to accommodate future growth
  • Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly with switches from a wide variety of manufacturers