Choosing the Right PDU Helps Minimize Downtime

May 2, 2013 Tripp Lite
Tripp Lite

PDUs are available with a variety of features that can help you minimize server downtime and keep key applications available during power outages. With a metered PDU, you have real-time local reporting of your power consumption in order to avoid potential overloads. With a switched PDU, you can get systems back up and running quickly from a remote location without having to travel to the site. A switched or monitored PDU will help you keep track of what is happening at a branch location outside of normal business hours. Another advantage of a switched PDU is the ability to configure the unit so that it can automatically shed power loads. For example, if a switched PDU is configured with a local UPS and there is a power failure, the PDU can be programmed to take power down sequentially. This way you can power off your least critical applications first while preserving power for your most mission-critical applications.


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