Tablets are popping up in every type of business and institution: education, healthcare, retail, restaurants, industrial and more. As tablets multiply in schools, hospitals, retailers, office and industry, charging and storing several devices in limited space becomes a big headache and an even bigger security risk.

Desktop Charging Station

For a fraction of what it costs to replace just one lost or stolen iPad, a Desktop Charging Station has a secure, locking cover and stores up to 10 tablets, e-readers, Kindles and even slim notebooks. Two styles of desktop charging stations are available. The USB charging station delivers up to 2.4 amps to each of the 10 charging ports. The AC charging station includes standard AC outlets built right in. Simply connect your devices’ USB power adapters directly to the outlets. A removable surge protector keeps tablets safe from damaging power surges while they’re plugged in.

The covers on both styles lock with a key to help prevent theft, damage and tampering. A cable combination lock is included to secure the charging station to a desk or table for added security. While devices are secured and charging, cords are kept clutter-free and organized and the storage shelf dividers can be removed to accommodate devices of different sizes.

If you ’re looking for a cost-friendly, compact charging station these fit the bill.