For Multi-Taskers, Multiple Monitors are the Key to Workplace Efficiency

Ever wish you had more than one monitor connected to your laptop… one to read emails, one to browse the Internet, maybe one to edit spreadsheets? Studies have shown that multiple monitors can increase productivity and with the low cost of today’s monitors, having multiple screens is more affordable than ever.

Add More Monitors to Your Computer

But figuring out what internal slots you have available, or in the case of laptops… overcoming the lack of an appropriate port, can be mind numbing, and opening a PC to add an internal card can be cumbersome.

Here’s a quick and easy solution: USB to External Video Adapters! These little adapters require no power supply and set up easily with a quick driver installation… up to six can be added to a single computer. Adapters come in USB to VGA, USB to VGA/DVI Combo, and USB to HDMI (stream a laptop to an HDMI TV!).

USB to HDMI Adapters

USB Docks with HDMI

Second Screen Cable Finder