5 Keys to a Successful Physical Security Deployment

February 26, 2020 Tripp Lite
Tripp Lite

Whether in your business, your home or the public sphere, physical security devices like video surveillance cameras and card readers protect people and property from hazards and liabilities of all kinds. However, security systems can’t protect you unless they themselves are properly powered, protected, connected and housed.

Security systems can’t protect you unless they themselves are properly powered, protected, connected and housed

A security camera is only the endpoint of a complex system that requires reliable power, strong protection, flexible connectivity and secure housing. See the solutions at tripplite.com.

Security systems are just as vulnerable as other electronics to power problems, tampering and even theft. And just because you know where you need to install cameras, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to figure out how to provide power in remote locations or transport video signals over long distances.

Tripp Lite can help you solve problems like these with a wide range of cost-effective, easy-to-install IT infrastructure solutions ideal for video surveillance and other physical security applications.

1. Reliable Power

Whether you are installing Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices or plugging directly into a wall outlet, keeping vital security systems powered during outages is essential. PoE switches and PoE injectors power PoE devices. UPS systems provide reliable battery backup during outages to support those PoE switches, as well as non-PoE equipment.

Keeping vital security systems powered during outages is essential

PoE Switch
Model: NGS8C2POE

2. Strong Protection

Devices like printers may not require battery backup, but all electronic equipment needs protection from damaging surges and line noise. Surge protectors provide protected power outlets, and select models also provide data line protection.

Surge protectors provide protected power outlets

Surge Protector

3. Flexible Connectivity

In PoE networks, Ethernet cables connect powered devices like IP cameras to power sources and data networks. Audio/video cables connect recorders and displays. Video extenders transport video over long distances, and adapters allow equipment with dissimilar connections to work together without expensive upgrades.

Flexible connectivity for all components

Video Extender
Model: B126-1A1-WHD1

4. Secure Housing

It isn’t enough to record video and data. You also need to ensure its safekeeping to comply with insurance requirements, privacy regulations and payment card industry (PCI) security standards. Wall-mount rack enclosures protect equipment like PoE switches and security DVRs inside locking steel cabinets. The DVR lockbox is specially designed for security DVRs.

Flexible connectivity for all components

DVR Lockbox

5. Expert Assistance

Getting the job done right the first time at a reasonable cost is often a matter of experience. Tripp Lite provides that experience at no cost, including a free security infrastructure assessment. Contact us at 773.869.1236 or solutions@tripplite.com to get started!

Free security infrastructure assessment

Networked Products

Powering, protecting, connecting and housing physical security systems is essential,
but it doesn’t have to be difficult.
See the solutions at tripplite.com.


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