According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans logged 457.4 million “person-trips” for business purposes last year, a person-trip defined as “one person on a trip away from home overnight in paid accommodations or on a day or overnight trip to places 50 miles or more [one-way] from home.”

For many of you, the work doesn’t take a coffee break when you leave the office. There’s always one more email to send, one more report to look over, one more spreadsheet to complete. To avoid missing critical deadlines while you’re on the go, you’ve got to stay plugged in. And to do that, you need these essential devices to keep you organized and productive.

Portable Mobile Power Bank

1. Portable Mobile Power Bank

No more frantic searching for an AC power outlet when your mobile device’s battery power is getting low. A Portable Mobile Power Bank is the perfect solution to keep your devices charged when stuck in an airport without accessible outlets. It fits comfortably in your pocket, purse, backpack or laptop bag to keep your smartphone, iPad®, e-reader or Bluetooth device operating when you need it.

Ultra-Compact Car Inverter

2. Ultra-Compact Car Inverter

By the same token, if you’re traveling by car and need to polish an important presentation before you reach your destination (passengers only, please!), this Ultra-Compact Car Inverter quickly and safely charges and powers four of your mobile devices simultaneously. Plug in your laptop and finish that PowerPoint presentation, while charging your tablet and smartphone to full capacity. This inverter plugs into any cigarette lighter socket and fits snugly into your vehicle’s cup holder for maximum convenience.

Dual-Port USB Car Charger

3. Dual-Port USB Car Charger

A perfect companion for business travelers in rental cars, this Dual-Port USB Car Charger safely charges two of your mobile devices simultaneously. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this charger is designed for quick-charging cell phones and tablets on the go. It won’t do to arrive at an important business meeting, only to find your tablet is almost dead!

4-Port USB Charging Station

4. 4-Port USB Charging Station

Stay just as connected at the hotel as you are at the airport or in the car. No more peering behind furniture to find an available outlet or unplugging one device to charge another. This 4-Port USB Charging Station plugs into any AC outlet and charges up to four to tablets, cell phones, laptops and other devices at the same time. Its USB-C port supports power output up to 20V 3A for battery-intensive devices, such as a MacBook® or Chromebook Pixel™.

Presentation Pro Wireless Remote Control

5. Presentation Pro Wireless Remote Control

As for that presentation mentioned above, you need to be free to be you. You want to move around and be relaxed. Instead of standing stolidly in front of a laptop, carrying a Presentation Pro Wireless Remote Control gives you the power to wirelessly control your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation while standing up to 100 feet away from your computer. It’s the ideal tool for presenters and lecturers who need to engage an audience without breaking their stride.


BONUS! Don’t Forget the Cables

Of course, every charger and every mobile device need a compatible cable, and Tripp Lite has hundreds to choose from. For starters, we recommend this USB 2.0 A/Micro-B cable and this USB 2.0 A/C cable. But no doubt you’ll be able to find what you need to stay connected on the go.