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All companies, large and small, are often tasked with supporting colleagues with the necessary software and home office products to keep their businesses up and running remotely, often with little time to spare. Most large corporations with robust IT departments have already addressed these issues, but there are thousands of small businesses who still need help and resources to support employees working from home.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Software Licensing:

  • Make sure you have enough software licenses to optimize the productivity of all employees working from home. It will most likely require additional monetary funds, but the return on this investment will pay off in the long run and enhance the communication and productivity between employees needed to maintain a profitable business.
  • For colleagues using their own laptops or desktop PCs, make sure they have up-to-date and secure software licenses.

2. VPN Access:

  • VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” This allows employees to securely access their desktop computers remotely along with critical network documents necessary to thrive in remote environments.
  • Determine your VPN’s maximum number of users and whether additional bandwidth may be needed to handle overflow.
  • Have a VPN setup procedure available to ensure all employees know how to log in and access critical projects and files. If VPN support is implemented effectively, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to access your company’s network files and view your current work desktop environment just as you would from your business’s PC.

3. 6 Home Office Products to Make Working from Home Easier:

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4. Power Protection Essentials:

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