A tablet computer or Chromebook in every student’s hands. That’s the goal of creating a 1:1 environment—also known as the 1:1 classroom or 1:1 computing—in our schools.

But a classroom full of tablets can easily represent more than $10,000 in hardware costs alone. How do school administrators ensure devices are stored securely, kept charged for use and updated and backed up when necessary? Tripp Lite’s Charging Stations give administrators the ideal solution to keep Chromebooks, tablets and other devices charged and secure.

Charging Stations

For Chromebooks, notebook computers and laptops, AC Charging Stations accommodate up to 16 or 32 computers with 1,440 total watts of high-speed charging power. For iPads or Android tablets, Kindles and smartphones, USB Charging Stations provide 2.4 amp, high-speed charging, secure storage, syncing and cord management for up to 16, 32 or 48 devices.

The Charging Stations can be mounted to a wall, countertop or table, or used as a mobile cart, making them ideal for all educational facilities. When used as a cart, devices can be deployed easily from classroom to classroom.

The Charging Stations have locking doors and side panels to prevent unauthorized access and protect the valuable devices from theft. All sides of the cabinets are constructed from sturdy steel with a powder-coated finish for long-term durability. Flow-through ventilation prevents overheating, even while several devices charge simultaneously.

Tripp Lite’s Charging Stations feature removable dividers for flexible configurations within the cabinet. The shelves are coated to shield devices from scratches and scuffs, and solid tops on select models can double as a handy work surface.