Connect 10Gb Equipment to 40Gb Switches Instantly with All-in-One Fiber Patch Panels

n48k15m8l60b-front-lAs faster network speeds emerge, the challenge of integrating different generations of equipment into your network infrastructure becomes more and more prevalent. Many application engineers meet this challenge with custom breakout cables, which can be quite costly and are more of a workaround than a real solution. [Read more…]

Preparing for 40G / 100G Networks with High-Density Fiber Patch Panels

The migration to 40G/100G networks will drive a number of changes within the data center and pave the way for the ever-increasing bandwidth needs of cloud computing, web services and virtualized applications, among others. At the top of the list of these changes is the considerable challenge of cabling and cable management in a high-density computing environment.

In the 40G/100Gb world, the cable plant will need to manage devices of varying bandwidths, leading to an overabundance of fan-out cables with different legs and connectors to meet the needs of devices of varying speeds. Without some type of convenient patching solution, the result will be a cluster of cables that make it difficult to install, maintain and upgrade network equipment.
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