Protect Your Fish, Plants and Equipment with UPS Battery Backup for Aquariums

One never knows when a power outage may strike, and if you own fish and other sea creatures, you should be prepared with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your aquarium. Heaters, aerators, filtration systems—all need electrical power to operate and keep fish alive. They need heat when it is cold, cold when it is hot, and oxygen to breathe at all times.

An aquarium battery backup system can prepare you for the next unexpected power outage. By purchasing a UPS system for your fish tank, you can ensure that your essential equipment will continue providing life-giving power.

Before choosing a UPS system, you’ll need to measure your total load. That is, the total number of watts put out by your life-sustaining equipment such as filters, aerators and heaters. Be sure your aquarium battery backup system can handle more watts than the total load of your equipment. Also, you may want to consider the amount of runtime you’ll need, in case the outage is longer than anticipated. Most power outages last from just a few minutes to less than an hour. If you still need help calculating the capacity (load) of your aquarium and determining the desired battery backup runtime, checkout this UPS sizing guide.

One more point to consider: pure sine wave power. Many popular brands of electric motors for aquarium filters and aerators require pure sine wave power to operate. Incorrect power output can result in motors running slowly, erratically, or not at all when the UPS is on battery. Thus, you’ll need a fish tank UPS that generates pure sine wave power, as the following choices do.

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