How to Get Around USB Cable Length Limitations

USB data transmission is limited to very short distances, much shorter than the Serial technology it has replaced. This is due primarily to the USB signal timing.

According to Wikipedia:  USB 2.0 provides for a maximum cable length of 5 meters for devices running at high-speed (480 Mbit/s).

Listed below are some of the “long-run” USB solutions available from Tripp Lite. If you have questions about a specific application, use the “Live Chat” link on any of these product pages to talk to a cable specialist.

Active, A-B, 2.0 type Cables
Active, A-A, 2.0 Extensions
USB 1.1 over Cat5 with Hub
USB 1.1 over Cat5 Single Line  
USB 2.0 over Cat5 Single Line
USB 2.0 over Cat5 with Hub  
USB 3.0 A-A Active Extension

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