USB Charging Cables Can Impact Mobile Device Battery Charging Rates

When you feel your phone, tablet or laptop is taking an awfully long time to recharge back to 100% capacity, you may be wondering whether it’s time to buy a new battery or even a battery charger. While it’s possible that your battery or charger could be the cause of the slow recharge rate, they aren’t the only things that can impact mobile device battery recharging rates. A seldom talked about possibility is the USB charging cables being used. [Read more…]

The Challenges of Charging Multiple Mobile Devices

If you have multiple mobile devices such as laptops, iPad® and Android™ tablets, smartphones and MP3 players to charge simultaneously, it can be a challenge to find an available USB charging port for all of them. Even if you did, it would be a very slow process if you planned on using standard USB 1x and 2.0 ports, which have a maximum charging current of only 500 mA @ 5V (2.5W). Standard USB charging ports were adequate for older flip phones with 800 mAh batteries, but today’s generation of smartphones can have battery capacities of 2000 mAh or more. Tablet batteries are even bigger with typical capacities of 6000 mAh or more. [Read more…]

Need to charge your mobile device at the airport but can’t find an open outlet? Here’s a solution…

How many times have you needed to charge your phone, tablet or laptop while waiting for your flight at the airport and you can’t find an outlet that’s not in use? If you’re like most people, it’s too often. That’s when you pull out the TRAVELER3USB Surge Protector that includes three outlets and two USB charging ports. Just find the closest outlet and if it’s being used, ask the person if you can share it. Show them your handy adapter and tell them you will plug it in the outlet and then plug their device into one of three TRAVELER3USB outlets… no skin off their nose. You can then use the other outlets and share any free ones with others. Plus, all connected devices are protected from damaging power surges, spikes and line noise. It’s a win/win situation for all!